About Cute Little Trends

Hey yall! I'm Christie, the creative force behind Cute Little Trends! Im a Kansas girl, born and raised, but my heart belongs at the beach. Im a boy momZach, 13, and Drew, 10, are the loves of my life. I know what youre thinking, though...what the heck is Cute Little Trends? Well...before I tell you about my business, I need to tell you a story. 

When I was a teenager, my mom and I loved catalogs. You know...those paper things that would come in the mail? Mom and I would rate each day on the kind of mail day it was. Our system was simple: a mailbox full of catalogs and magazines meant it was a good mail day. Bills and junk mail? Clearly the opposite. On good mail days, mom and I would sit down on the couch and look through the catalogs...exclaiming with delight over the different items we loved and thought we had to have. That is when my dad entered the picture. He would come home from work and find mom and I catalog shopping while dinner cooked on the stove. At the time, I just thought I was a girl who loved catalogs, spending time with her mom. Dad, however, noticed something different. Cute, little! Cute, little! If its cute little the ladies want it!” We couldnt argue...

he was right! If it was cute and little, it was irresistible! Dad has continued to describe the cute little phenomenon over the years, and its remained constant in my life. Hes kind of obnoxious sometimes, so whenever any of us mention something cute little” he has to loudly chant it. Cute, Little! Cute, Little!” 

Fast forward 25 years...Im 41 and a serial entrepreneur. My first website was online before most people knew that you could shop on the internet. I have owned multiple businesses, but they have all involved happy colors (I am a sucker for rainbows & happy endings), good mail days, and fun. At the time I owned a boutique and had an idea. I called my bestie Jen, and told her about my latest business idea (trust me when I say there have been hundreds). I just needed help coming up with a name and narrowing down the items I wanted to sell. 

As long as you focus on cute little, you will be great,” Jen said. (I told you dad is obnoxious...even Jen has heard him talking about cute little things). Cute Little Trends brings cute little happiness to boutiques across the US in the form of Cute Little Hair Ties. We love that many of the goodies we sell come packaged in a cute little box...and that we know they are providing smiles and good mail days wherever they go.